Personality Assessment Quick Win

You Need to Have This Conversation with Yourself

Starting your own online teaching business means you’ll be spending a lot of time dealing with yourself.

  • There is no boss to tell you what to do.
  • There is no one else to take responsibility for the work.

It can be really helpful to take some time to think about…

  • Your personality
  • How you work
  • How you tend to engage with people

The personality assessment below is a great way to start the conversation with yourself.

The most important takeaway, as you start your business, is that you need to pay attention to yourself.

Pay attention to how you feel, your thought processes, your decision-making.

Your business will require you to…

  • Be in charge of your emotions
  • Keep an open mind
  • Take critical feedback

These things can be challenging.

Here is what to do:

  1. Take the assessment.
  2. Start the conversation with yourself.
  3. Consider what areas may keep you from reaching your goals.
  4. Find a friend and discuss what you learn.

Pick Up Where You Left Off