Build Your Platform

Welcome to Stage 2!

Build Your Platform

It’s time to build a home online where you can invite your audience over. In this course, you’re going to start building your website, setting up payment processing, deciding what to offer your audience, and more.

You can scroll down to get your professional website or head over to the Tools area of the membership. You can also wait to get your website until you’ve finished the 1st module of the Build Your Platform course which will help you make some decisions about what to put on your site.

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Fully-Loaded WordPress Website Course

Take the course to learn how to make the most of your new WordPress website! If you haven’t gotten your site yet, head over to the Tools area of the membership ->

Your WordPress Site includes professional, one-click site and page templates, payment processing, powerful scheduling software, forms and so much more!

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Drag & Drop Site

This website option is great for getting up and running super quickly. If you haven’t filled out the quick form to get your Drag & Drop Site, head over to the Tools area of the membership now ->

Learn how to set up your new website by enrolling in the Drag & Drop Website Course.

Join the course to learn how to use your site!

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